3.38.040 Membership.

City Code Section
  1. A.  The PHAC shall consist of at least twelve and no more than fifteen members.
  2. B.  The City of Portland shall appoint all members.
  3. C.  Membership appointment shall achieve a balanced citizen-based perspective embracing a high level of knowledge of and expertise in market-rate and rent-restricted housing development and finance, asset management, homeownership, and housing access and stabilization services. 
  4. D.  Membership appointment  shall take into account the income, racial, ethnic, cultural, and geographic diversity of the community
  5. E.  Members will be expected to transcend their individual interests and affiliations to focus on the big picture.  
  6. F.  For the initial appointments to PHAC, the following terms will apply:  six members shall be appointed for a term of two years; and six for a term of three years.
  7. G.  All subsequent appointments to the PHAC shall be for terms of two years. 
  8. H.  Members appointed for one two-year term shall be eligible to renew for one additional two-year term.
  9. I.  Members shall serve without compensation. However, the City may authorize reimbursement of the reasonable expenses of the members for carrying out the work of the PHAC.
  10. J.  The PHAC shall adopt rules of procedure (bylaws) as necessary for the governance of its proceedings.