Chapter 3.33 Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

City Code Chapter

(Chapter added by Ordinance 182671, effective May 15, 2009.)

3.33.010 Purpose.

  1. The purpose of this Chapter is to describe the organization and functions of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. 

3.33.020 Organization.

  1. The Bureau is administered by the Commissioner in charge and led by the Director of Planning and Sustainability.  The organizational structure of the Bureau shall be determined by the Director of the Bureau after consultation with the Commissioner in charge. 

3.33.030 Functions.

(Amended by Ordinances 184046188177, 191150 and 191710, effective June 7, 2024.)

  1. The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing complex programs and projects related to sustainability, urban design, land use, and long range planning.
  2. The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability:
  3. A.  Works with the City Council, Planning Commission, and the community to define shared values and develop a cohesive vision for the future of Portland;
  4. B.  Maintains, modifies, and updates a Comprehensive Plan to guide the development and redevelopment of the city;
  5. C.  Ensures that City policies, implementation tools, and zoning designations are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, the Metro Functional Plan, Statewide Planning Goals, and other requirements.  Implementation tools include Title 33, Planning and Zoning, portions of other City Titles, and a range of programs and policies;
  6. D.  Maintains, modifies, and updates Title 33, Planning and Zoning, and the City Zoning Map;
  7. E.  Develops, modifies and updates city sustainability principles, climate protection strategies, and green building and other sustainability policies and programs including sustainable government, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable industries, and sustainable food systems; and evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of these policies and programs;
  8. F.  Develops, modifies and updates economic, environmental, housing, historic preservation, and community development policies and programs; updates demographic data; advocates for and advances quality sustainable urban design; works to ensure natural resource enhancement; and supports thriving neighborhoods and business communities; and evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of these policies and programs;
  9. G.  Convenes meetings of the Planning and Development Directors to coordinate planning and development activities of the City of Portland;
  10. H.  Provides City input into and coordination with regional and statewide planning and development activities;
  11. I.  Administers the City's solid waste and recycling rules and programs;
  12. J.  Provides support for:
    1. 1. The activities of the Planning Commission.
    2. 2. The legislative activities of the Portland Historic Landmarks Commission and the Portland Design Commission.
    3. 3. The activities of the Community Involvement Committee.
    4. 4. The activities of the Sustainability and Climate Commission.
  13. K.  Carries out other tasks and functions as required by the City Council or Commissioner in Charge.