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Chapter 3.28 Bureau of Health

City Code Chapter

3.28.010 Transfer of Functions.

  1. During the term of a contract presently existing between the City and Multnomah County whereby functions of the City’s Bureau of Health are being performed by the County, and the County Health Officer is acting as the City Health Officer, and all Bureau of Health Employees, are now County employees, the Multnomah County Department of Medical Services shall perform the functions heretofore performed by divisions of the City Health Bureau, as set forth in this Chapter.

3.28.020 Executive and Clerical Division.

  1. The Executive and Clerical Division shall maintain the central office and all necessary records thereof, including all statistics relating to births and deaths as required by law.

3.28.030 Communicable Disease Control Division.

  1. The Communicable Disease Control Division shall exercise the power of quarantine and detention and shall adopt such other measures as will prevent the spreading or aid in the prevention of communicable diseases such as typhoid fever, smallpox, tuberculosis, scarlet fever and others.

3.28.040 Tuberculosis Control Division.

  1. The Tuberculosis Control Division shall provide clinical services for diagnosis and a visiting nurse service to make sure that the lessons of prevention are carried out by the patients under actual home conditions.

3.28.060 Laboratory Division.

  1. The Laboratory Division shall conduct tests and examinations for bacteria content and such other laboratory services as the other divisions request.

3.28.070 School Hygiene Division.

  1. The School Hygiene Division shall be responsible for the prevention of communicable diseases in the schools through promoting vaccination against smallpox and the use of toxoid against diphtheria, and through ascertaining that children sick with communicable diseases are excluded. This Division shall also conduct examinations of school children at regular intervals for the purpose of discovering defects which may be remedied and shall notify the parents regarding the need for attention to vision, infections, nutrition, and postural defects and diseases.

3.28.080 Emergency Hospital Division.

  1. The Emergency Hospital Division is designed to take care of those who are injured or who are taken sick suddenly, and have no means of providing for themselves the medical and hospital care they need, or who are ineligible for care by Multnomah County because they are not residents.

3.28.090 Pure Food Sanitation Division.

  1. The Pure Food and Sanitation Division shall be divided into the following Sections:
  2. A. The Milk Inspection Section, which shall provide inspection of the milk supply, including the source, transportation, handling, and preparation for distribution;
  3. B. The Meat Inspection Section, which shall provide inspection of meat in an effort to keep unwholesome meats and meat products from the market;
  4. C. The Sanitation Inspection Section, which shall provide general sanitation inspection services, such as restaurant inspection, food inspection, market inspection, food handler’s examinations, inspections of hospitals and certain manufacturing plants, and the inspection of housing conditions, including ventilation, lighting and sanitation fixtures.

3.28.100 Division of Mental Health.

  1. The Division of Mental Health shall provide psychiatric consultation with school children and adults, assist the emergency hospital in the handling of persons with mental health problems, act as liaison between the Bureau of Health and mental health institutions and organizations, and generally provide a mental health service for the City.

3.28.110 Division of Home Health Care.

  1. The Division of Home Health Care shall provide the limited nursing services such as but not limited to prescribed treatment, application of dressings, irrigations, exercises and baths and home health aide services including but not limited to nonprofessional care of ill or injured persons, food marketing or other needed shopping or errand, preparation and serving of meals and light housekeeping.