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Chapter 3.27 Portland Parks and Recreation Board

(Chapter added by Ordinance No. 176002, effective October 10, 2001.)

3.27.010 Purpose.

The Portland Parks and Recreation Board is hereby established, for the following purposes: to ensure that the vision and recommendations of the Parks 2020 Vision are at the forefront of discussions about park and recreation issues and trends over time, in all areas of the city; to advocate for parks on a city and regional basis to ensure that parks, natural areas, open spaces and recreation facilities are advanced in city and regional planning and design; to provide continuity when transitions occur in the leadership of Portland Parks and Recreation and on the City Council; and to provide a forum for public discussion and decision-making about park issues, bringing a city-wide and long-term perspective to neighborhood-based issues.

3.27.020 Definitions.

As used in this Chapter, unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions apply:

A. "Board" means the Portland Parks and Recreation Board.

B. "Bureau" or "Portland Parks and Recreation" means the Bureau of Parks and Recreation of the City of Portland, or whatever agency is given responsibility for the City’s system of parks and recreation.

C. "Commissioner" means the Commissioner in Charge of Portland Parks and Recreation.

D. "Council" means the City Council of the City of Portland, Oregon.

E. "Director" means the Director of Portland Parks and Recreation, or the Bureau head, however designated.

3.27.030 Members and Terms.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184647, effective June 8, 2011.)

A.  Voting Members.  The Portland Parks Board shall consist of a minimum of nine (9) and a maximum of fifteen (15) voting members appointed by the Mayor in consultation with the Commissioner, and confirmed by the Council.  Members shall serve without compensation for terms of three years.  No member shall be appointed to more than two full consecutive terms.  A member appointed initially to a term of less than three years may thereafter be re-appointed to two consecutive three-year terms.  A member otherwise may be re-appointed after at least one full year following completion of the member’s two consecutive terms.  The initial appointments shall be staggered in order to provide for a proportional turnover of terms each year.  Members shall be appointed who demonstrate a commitment to Portland Parks and Recreation and to the mission of the Board. Members are expected to bring a system-wide perspective to the Board, and shall not represent individual interests or areas of the City.  However, the membership of the Board shall strive to reflect the demographic and geographic diversity of the City.

B.  Ex Officio Members.  The Board may, in its discretion, appoint such ex officio members as, in the judgment of the Board, will assist it in carrying out its functions.  Such ex officio members shall be appointed in a manner to be determined by the Board.  Ex officio members shall not have the right to vote.  Ex officio members shall not be subject to the term limitations of Subsection A. of this Section, but the Board may, by rule or regulation, provide for terms and other conditions of service of ex officio members as it may deem necessary or desirable.

3.27.040 Organization and Meetings.

The Board shall adopt such rules of procedure as it deems necessary to the conduct of its duties. The Board shall elect each year a Chair and such other officers as the Board may from time to time establish. The Board shall meet at least quarterly, and may meet more often. The Board Chair, in consultation with the Commissioner and the Director, shall set the agenda for Board meetings.

3.27.050 Duties.

The Board shall:

A. Advise the Council, the Commissioner and the Director on policy matters pertaining to Portland Parks and Recreation, using the Parks 2020 Vision as its guide.

B. Advise the Council, the Commissioner and the Director on the preparation and contents of the annual Portland Parks and Recreation budget request.

C. Review plans and policies, either existing or being developed, by other City bureaus, boards and commissions or by other government agencies, that affect parks and recreation in the City of Portland, and advocate for the advancement of parks, natural areas, open spaces and recreation facilities and services in City and regional planning and design.

D. Engage in such public outreach, education and advocacy, to the extent permitted by law, as the Board determines necessary or advisable in order to provide a forum for public discussion and decision-making about park and recreation issues.

E. Prepare and submit to the Council an annual report which shall summarize the Board’s activities during the year and which shall identify the major issues facing Portland Parks and Recreation and the Board’s recommendations for addressing them in the coming year.

3.27.060 Staff Liaison and Support.

The Director shall be the staff liaison to the Board, and shall, to the extent budgeted funds are available therefor, provide the Board with staff assistance necessary to the discharge of its duties.

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