Chapter 3.24 Portland Water Bureau

City Code Chapter

(Chapter replaced by Ordinance 182053, effective August 15, 2008.)

3.24.010 Organization.

  1. The Portland Water Bureau will be under the direction and control of the Administrator of the Portland Water Bureau. The Bureau will be charged with the responsibility for the finance, operation, maintenance and improvement of the City's water distribution system and will be made up of the work groups set forth in this Chapter. The Administrator shall coordinate and manage the Bureau's work groups in a manner that achieves the Bureau's mission and meets the goals established by the City Council.

3.24.020 Administration.

  1. The Administrator's Office is responsible for policy planning, leadership, direction, and operation of the Bureau. The Administrator's Office also manages security for the distribution system, property management, organization development, Bureau human resources management, public information/involvement, long-range planning, government and community relations, legislative activities, and liaison with the Commissioner-in-Charge and City Council.
  2. The Administrator of the Portland Water Bureau is authorized to enforce the provisions of Portland City Code Chapters 17.36 Sewer User Charges and 21.16 Rates and Charges addressing delinquent water, sewer and stormwater management charges, collections, adjustments and refunds.
  3. The Administrator of the Portland Water Bureau may issue administrative rules and regulations pursuant to Section 21.24.080 Administrative Rules, Procedures and Forms.

3.24.030 Customer Service Group.

  1. The Customer Service Group manages billing and collection services for the Portland Water Bureau including but not limited to, establishment of new accounts, close out of terminated accounts, meter reading, meter inspection services, leak repair notification, bill generation, payment application, remittance processing, approval of adjustments and refunds, delinquent account notification, collection of delinquent accounts by all legal means, termination of service for delinquency, resumption of water service and such other duties as requested by the Administrator. The Group will also be responsible for responding to ratepayer inquiries, hearing appeals of the matters for which the Group is responsible and managing financial assistance programs.
  2. When performing these responsibilities for the Bureau of Environmental Services, the Group's authority may be defined by written agreement and Administrative Rules.

3.24.040 Engineering Services Group.

  1. The Engineering Services Group is responsible for planning, design, and construction of the Water System. In addition, this group serves as customer liaison for new service installation, drafting (including geographic information system), surveying, inspecting, and maintaining records on distribution system improvements. This group manages the Bureau's emergency management program. This group also has responsibility for developing facility standards, asset management, contract management, and developing and managing the Bureau's Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). Administrative oversight of the Hydroelectric Power function is conducted within this group.

3.24.050 Finance and Support Services Group.

  1. The Finance and Support Services Group provides financial planning, rate setting, budgeting, accounting, payroll, auditing, financial analyses, and fiscal monitoring functions for the Bureau. It also provides clerical support for Bureau staff in the Portland Building. This includes the interfaces to City financial and personnel systems, and other Bureau-specific software systems.

3.24.060 Maintenance and Construction Group.

  1. The Maintenance and Construction Group is responsible for repair, operation, and maintenance of the distribution system. Installation, operation, and maintenance functions related to mains, services, valves, hydrants, and leak detection are performed by this group. This work includes direct services and related support for control valves, carpentry, purchasing and stores operation, and loss control programs. This group manages the Bureau's two apprentice programs. The emergency crew provides response for outside normal work hour requirements, including main breaks and other emergency responses.

3.24.070 Operations Group.

  1. The Operations Group is responsible for the operation and maintenance of water supply and treatment from the Watershed and the Columbia South Shore Well Field (CSSWF). This group operates and maintains the conduits, terminal storage reservoirs, tanks, pump stations, water treatment facilities, pressure regulators, an accredited Laboratory, and the Water Control Center. Work responsibilities include water quality protection, regulatory compliance, laboratory services, system metering, and addressing water quality customer complaints. This group is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the decorative fountains.

3.24.080 Resources Protection and Planning Group.

  1. The Resource Protection and Planning Group is responsible for Watershed and Columbia South Shore Well Field (CSSWF) management and coordination with federal, state and local partners to protect the quality of both of Portland's drinking water sources. This responsibility includes addressing legislative and regulatory issues and performing integrated resource planning, comprehensive planning on major issues, supply and demand analysis, and coordination of the Regional Water Providers Consortium. This Bureau work group is also responsible for the Bureau's business, residential and multifamily water conservation programs and Bureau sustainability efforts.