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3.22.180 Forested and Wildland Interface Areas Fire Protection Plan.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 160127, 160883, 168127 and 182389, effective January 2, 2009.)

A.  General Provisions.

1.  Title.  This plan shall be known as the Forested and Wildland Interface Areas Protection Plan of the City.

2.  Scope.  This plan is primarily designed for the detection and suppression of forest and brush fires in forested, rural and urban areas of the City, and in all areas with which the City has contracted to furnish fire protection.  Additionally, the fire suppression provisions of this plan may be activated when a fire outside the City becomes a threat to areas within.

3.  Purpose.  The purpose of this plan is to establish operational responsibilities of departments and bureaus of the Portland municipal government and supporting agencies within the scope of this plan.

4.  Participation required.  Participation is required of the Bureaus of Parks, Portland Fire & Rescue, Police, Waterworks, General Services and Maintenance Operations.

5.  Participation voluntary.  Voluntary participation by nongovernmental agencies, having emergency capabilities in areas of disaster relief, is authorized and encouraged; provided, however, that each voluntary agency shall submit an operational program to this plan as hereinafter provided.

B.  Plan Coordination.

1.  Coordinator.  The Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue is known as the coordinator of this plan.  He shall see that the operational programs of departments, bureaus and supporting agencies are submitted and made a part of this plan and kept current from year to year.

2.  Operational Programs.  The head of each participating bureau, office and/or agency shall submit an operation program to the Coordinator and keep him/her informed of changes at all times.  Such operational programs shall be a part of this plan.  They shall include the names and telephone numbers of key alerting personnel, a listing of other personnel by number and job classification, and a listing of all mobile and special equipment.  Additionally, operational programs of Portland Fire & Rescue and the Bureau of Parks shall contain descriptive details of routine maintenance and regulatory responsibilities.  The operational programs shall be respectively identified as follows:

PROGRAM I:  Bureau of Parks

PROGRAM II:  Portland Fire & Rescue

PROGRAM III:  Bureau of Police

PROGRAM IV:  Portland Water Bureau

PROGRAM V:  General Services

PROGRAM VIII:  Maintenance Operations

PROGRAM IX:  Reserved for Nongovernmental

PROGRAM X:  Reserved for Nongovernmental

C.  Command Responsibility for Fire Fighting.

1.  In all forested and rural areas lying within the City, and in all areas for which the City has a contract to furnish fire protection, overall command of fire fighting operations shall be the responsibility of the Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue.

2.  Operating units will in all cases be under the direct control of their own commanders or foremen, superintendents, etc.  However, such units will function in conformity with the tactical fire-fighting plan established by the sector commander to whom they are assigned.

D.  Activation and Response.

1.  All participants and resources listed in the plan will be activated in accordance with the plan at the request of the Incident Commander.

2.  All participants in the plan will send liaison personnel to the field headquarters, support command headquarters, and the Emergency Operations Center as requested by the Incident Commander.

E.  Personnel alerting.

1.  The Bureau of Emergency Communications will initiate the alerting of participating services as outlined in the plan.  The person contacted is then to complete the calls required by his/her bureau, office or agency.

2.  For the purpose of alerting as required in 1 above, the head of each participating service shall establish and maintain master‑call lists or a key‑alerting system.

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