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3.22.010 General Organization.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 136677, 149110, 150993, 158149, 160883 and 182105, effective September 12, 2008.)  Portland Fire & Rescue shall consist of the Chief Engineer (generally referred to as the Chief of the Bureau) and such other employees as the Council may provide.  The mission of Portland Fire & Rescue shall be to safely protect life, property, and the environment by providing excellence in emergency services, training and prevention.  Portland Fire & Rescue shall be comprised of the following divisions:

A.  The Emergency Operations Division, which shall be responsible for the saving of life and property from fire or other disaster, emergency medical services, hazardous materials incidents, conducting a fire loss control program, training  and other miscellaneous public services;

B.  The Fire Prevention Division, which shall be responsible for fire prevention inspections and Code enforcement (Title 31), fire and life safety plans review, fire and arson investigation, enforcement of harbor regulations (Title 19), and conducting an educational fire prevention program;

C.  The Management Services Division, which shall be responsible for budget and finance, long range capital planning and program development, special projects, manual and automated management information systems, planning and administrative support services, and supplying logistical support which shall include facility and vehicle maintenance, operational supplies and services;

D.  The Training and Safety Division, which shall be responsible for initial training of all newly hired firefighters, on-going training to maintain and improve the skills of all personnel, safety and risk management programs, accident and injury investigation and analysis, researching and developing new technologies and practices, and promoting training and educational opportunities for career development of all Bureau personnel.

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