3.21.150 Case File Review.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance 187136; Amended by Ordinance 188331, effective May 19, 2017.)

  1. A.  When the Director receives and accepts a timely request for review, a Case File Review and Appeal Hearing shall be scheduled before the Committee. The Director will notify the CRC Executive Committee upon receipt of a request of review. The Case File Review shall take place prior to the Appeal Hearing either on the same day or on an earlier date.
  2. B.  The Case File Review will be an opportunity for the Committee to assess the completeness and readiness of the investigation for an Appeal Hearing.  Public comment will be allowed before the Committee has made a decision whether a case is ready for an Appeal Hearing.  In the event that the Committee conducts a Case File Review and Appeal Hearing on the same day, public comment will be allowed before the Committee has made its recommendation to the Bureau.
  3. C.  During either the Case File Review or Appeal Hearing, the Committee may direct, by majority vote, additional investigation by either IAD and/or IPR.
    1. 1.  Only Committee members who have read the case file are eligible to vote.
    2. 2.  The Committee will have one opportunity to direct additional administrative investigation, all other requests will be at the discretion of  either IAD or IPR.
    3. 3.  The request for additional investigation may include multiple areas of inquiry.
    4. 4.  All additional investigation will be conducted in a timely manner, with the Committee given regular updates.
  4. D.  If the committee agrees no further investigation and consideration of the evidence appears warranted, the committee shall vote on when to hold an Appeal Hearing.