3.21.080 Citizen Review Committee.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 177688, 185076186416188331, 189078 and 190812, effective July 1, 2022.)

  1. A. The Committee shall consist of eleven citizens.  Five members shall constitute a quorum of the Committee. Decisions shall be made by a majority of Committee members present and constituting a quorum. However, adoption or amendment of rules of procedures or protocols requires an affirmative vote of six members.  The Committee members shall be appointed as follows:
    1. 1. Committee staff shall solicit applications to fill vacancies in the Committee’s membership from the Office of Community & Civic Life, the seven Neighborhood Coalition offices, Mayor and commissioners' offices, PPB advisory committees, and the general public.
    2. 2. The Director shall appoint a committee that shall recommend to the Director the appropriate number of nominees to fill impending vacancies.  The selection committee shall consist of three CRC representatives, either past or not applying for reappointment, two members of the community, and the IPR Deputy Director.  Three of the selection committee members, including one CRC representative and the IPR Deputy Director, shall serve as the interview panel.
    3. 3. Selection criteria shall include a record of community involvement, passing a criminal background check performed by an agency other than the Bureau, and absence of any real or perceived conflict of interest.  The selection committee will nominate individuals who are neutral, unbiased, and capable of making objective decisions. The Mayor and Commissioners may each submit an applicant meeting these qualifications.
    4. 4. The Director shall recommend nominees to Council for appointment.
    5. 5. In the event a majority of the Council fails to appoint a person nominated under the provisions of City Code Section 3.21.080 the Director shall initiate the process again within 30 days after the Council action.
    6. 6. In selecting Committee members, consideration shall be given to the current composition of the Committee and appointments should be made that will cause the group to best reflect the demographic make-up of the community.
  2. B. The Committee members shall:
    1.  1. Participate in orientation and training activities that may include review of Bureau and IPR procedures, participation in Bureau training to become familiar with police training, policies and investigative practices, including Police Review Board process, participate in ride-alongs with officers, to maintain sufficient knowledge of police patrol procedures.
    2. 2. Each serve a term of three years, subject to reappointment by Council.  Upon expiration of the term, a committee member shall serve until re-appointed or replaced.
    3. 3. Attend committee meetings or provide an explanation in advance for an absence.
    4. 4. Serve staggered terms to better ensure continuity.
    5. 5. Select a chair from among their members. Adopt such operating policies and procedures as necessary to carry out their duties. 
    6. 6. Sign a confidentiality agreement.
    7. 7. Serve on the Police Review Board when the Board reviews use of force cases as defined in Chapter 3.20. Committee members shall serve on the Police Review Board on a rotating basis for no more than two terms of three years.