3.21.040 Director Selection and Removal.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 186416, 188842 and 190812, effective July 1, 2022.)

  1. A. The City Council shall select the Director of IPR, in accordance with the City's human resource policies and rules and any other applicable laws, by the following process:
    1. 1. Each Council member shall select a member of their staff to be part of the recruitment and selection process;
    2. 2. The selected Council staff shall work with the Director of the Bureau of Human Resources (BHR) or designee to create a job posting that comports with the necessary and desired qualifications for an IPR Director;
    3. 3. The Director of BHR or designee shall assess minimum qualifications and provide the eligibility list to the selected Council staff, who shall then determine at least three candidates best qualified to interview;
    4. 4. The selected Council staff shall interview the candidates and the top scoring candidate will be moved forward;
    5. 5. The top scoring candidate shall be presented to Council for consideration and vote; and
    6. 6. Council shall determine whether the presented candidate is well-suited for the position and may vote either to appoint the candidate as IPR Director or not to appoint the candidate, and if not appointed, then the selected Council staff shall present the next top scoring candidate to Council for consideration. The selection process shall continue as stated until Council votes to appoint a candidate as the IPR Director; this shall include reopening the recruitment process if none of the interviewed candidates are appointed by Council.
  2. B. The Director shall be a person of recognized judgment, objectivity and integrity who is well-equipped to analyze problems of administration, and public policy, and shall have a working knowledge in criminal justice commensurate to the powers and duties of the office.
  3. C. The Director of IPR shall be removed from office only upon a finding of cause and by a vote of four or more members of Council.