3.20.170 Uniforms.

City Code Section
  1. The following rules shall apply to uniforms for employees appointed to the Bureau of Police who are members of the Fire and Police Disability and Retirement System:
  2. A. The Chief of Police shall, subject to the approval of the Commissioner In Charge, prescribe specifications for police uniforms and establish rules, regulations and conditions of wearing thereof;
  3. B. Upon report from the Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Police, the Council shall designate which items of the uniform specified by the Chief of Police under subdivision (1) above shall be furnished by the City to those employees required to wear the prescribed uniform in performance of their normal and usual police duties. Each new employee shall be furnished a complete set of designated items of uniform. All other employees shall be furnished designated items of uniform on the basis of replacement when needed as determined by the Chief of Police. Items furnished by the City shall remain property of the City; and the Chief of Police shall establish rules, regulations, and conditions for issuance and control thereof;
  4. C. The Chief of Police shall have the authority to designate duty assignments which require dress other than the prescribed uniform. For such designated duty, no items of uniform shall be furnished, and those employees affected shall receive an annual cash clothing allowance in lieu of items of uniform furnished by the City. Clothing allowances shall be paid in accordance with Section 5.08.070.