3.20.080 Policemen Receiving Gifts and Employing Attorneys -Penalty for Violation.

City Code Section
  1. No member of the police force shall for his own benefit, under any pretense whatever, receive or share in any present, fee, gift or emolument for public service other than the regular salary and pay, except by the consent of the Council and Chief of Police, publicly given. Nor shall any member share in or receive any gift, fee, or reward from any person who may become bail for any arrested, accused, or convicted person who may become surety for any such, on appeal from or review of the judgment or decision of any court or magistrate, or any fee, gift, or reward in any case from an attorney at law who may prosecute or defend any person arrested or prosecuted for any offense in Multnomah County. Nor shall any member, directly or indirectly, interest himself or interfere in any manner whatever in the employment of any attorney to aid in the defense of any person arrested or accused. For any violation of either of the foregoing provisions the person so offending shall be immediately removed from the police force.
  2. Upon complaint of any person alleging a violation of this Section the Council shall summon the officer accused before it and shall hold a summary hearing with power to subpoena witnesses and to compel the production of all necessary evidence. If it finds that a violation of this Section has been committed by such officer he shall immediately be dismissed from the force and shall be ineligible for reappointment.