3.20.010 General Organization.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 136814, 138453 and 159113, effective October 23, 1986.)

  1. The Bureau of Police shall consist of the Chief of Police and such other employees as the Council may provide. The Bureau shall be responsible for the enforcement of law and order. The Chief of Police shall be the Commanding Officer of the police force and shall direct the police work of the City. The Chief of Police shall be directly responsible to the Commissioner In Charge for the proper functioning of the Bureau. For administrative purposes the Bureau shall be made up of the following branches, each of which shall be commanded by a Deputy Chief and have personnel and such duties as may be assigned by the Chief of Police, subject to the approval of the Commissioner In Charge.
  2. A. Operations Branch;
  3. B. Investigations Branch;
  4. C. Operations Support Branch;
  5. D. Administrative Support Branch.
  6. The Deputy Chiefs serve under the command of the Chief.