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Chapter 3.16 City Budget Office

City Code Chapter

(Chapter added by Ordinance 185807, effective December 12, 2012.)

3.16.010 Organization.

  1. The City Budget Office shall be under the direction and control of the City Budget Director and shall include such other employees as Council may provide. The City Budget Director shall report to the Mayor. The City Budget Director shall serve and perform the duties of the City’s budget officer, as defined in Oregon Revised Statutes, or shall name a designee to perform these duties. The City Budget Office is responsible for:
  2. A.  Coordinating development and administration of the City’s budget, including capital budgeting and the development of budget recommendations for all City bureaus and funds; 
  3. B.  Financial planning and operational review of the City’s utilities, including administration and maintenance of an independent utility review function that provides City Council with an annual review of utility rates and economic impacts; 
  4. C.  Long range financial forecasting for the City’s funds, including oversight of the General Fund;
  5. D.  Preparing General Fund Five-Year Forecasts at least twice each fiscal year.  The General Fund Five-Year Forecasts shall be released and made publicly available on or before December 31st and on or before April 30th;
  6. E.  Collaborating with the Office of Management and Finance on the development of financial forecasts and providing forecasting information to the Chief Administrative Officer when requested;
  7. F.  Monitoring expenditures and revenues for the City and all Bureaus and providing this information to Commissioners and the Chief Administrative Officer when requested;
  8. G.  Developing and analyzing financial policy and performance measurement systems and providing this information to Commissioners and the Chief Administrative Officer when requested;
  9. H.  Providing Council with financial information that informs the City’s deliberations on collective bargaining agreements, and assisting the Bureau of Human Resources with the costing of collective bargaining agreements;
  10. I.  Performing other duties as assigned.

3.16.020 Authority of Council.

  1. The City Budget Director shall be appointed by the Commissioner in Charge of the City Budget Office, but shall serve the entire Council, including providing information and advice and making available for inspection the books and records of the City Budget Office to any Elected Official making a request for the same as soon as practical.