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3.15.050 Powers and Duties of the Chief Administrative Officer.

The CAO, or designee, is authorized to:

A.  Formulate, approve and issue administrative rules, procedures and systems for providing City administrative services.

B.  Implement and monitor administrative rules and systems for providing administrative services.

C.  Recommend alternatives to the Council for providing administrative services.

D.  Determine if any administrative service should be provided by City staff or outside vendors.

E.  Advise the Council and provide staff support to citywide projects and oversight committees.

F.  Determine the duties and reporting relationships for positions responsible for centralized administrative services, including but not limited to human resources, financial services and technology services.

G.  Provide analysis and recommendations related to City budget proposals to the City Budget Director, Mayor or Commissioner-in-Charge of the Office of Management and Finance, and the Council.

H.  Appear in legal action in Small Claims Court to assert on behalf of or to defend the City in any Small Claims action for recovery or money, damages or specific personal property, in collaboration and consultation with the City Attorney, including asserting counterclaims, cross-claims, or third party claims to undertake action as allowed under ORS Chapter 46 and may issue writs to execute on Small Claims Court judgments.

I.  Manage intellectual properties, including but not limited to the Portland Oregon TM sign; develop, adopt and maintain an Acceptable Use Policy for licensing of intellectual properties; establish appropriate fee schedule for use of intellectual property; execute intellectual property license agreements upon approval to form by the City Attorney; and protect the City’s intellectual property rights through enforcement in consultation with the City Attorney.

J.  Enter into nondisclosure agreements between the City and any third party to review proprietary, confidential or privileged information held by the City or the third party, including to but not limited to information pertaining to: real estate and business transactions, banking and financial software systems, information technology systems, applications, software or hardware and trade secrets.

K.  Perform other duties as assigned by the Mayor, the Commissioner-in-Charge of the Office of Management and Finance, or the Council.

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