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Chapter 3.133 Rental Services Commission (RSC)

City Code Chapter

(Chapter added by Ordinance 188633, effective October 4, 2017.)

3.133.010 Rental Services Commission Established.

  1. There is established in the City of Portland, the Rental Services Commission (RSC). The RSC is designated as the primary public forum for discussion of landlord-tenant housing regulation and programs in the City of Portland.

3.133.020 Mission.

  1. The mission of the RSC is to advise the Director of the Portland Housing Bureau (PHB), the Housing Commissioner, and the Portland City Council on issues related to landlord-tenant housing regulation and programs, and to provide a forum for public input on the rental housing market.

3.133.030 Duties.

  1. The RSC is delegated to carry out the following functions:
  2. A.  Landlord-Tenant Policy Initiatives
    1. 1.  Advise PHB on landlord-tenant policy issues and initiatives
    2. 2.  Provide feedback and recommendations on landlord-tenant policy initiatives and policy changes
  3. B.  Landlord-Tenant Regulation and Programs
    1. 1.  Advise PHB on landlord-tenant regulation and programs
    2. 2.  Monitor PHB landlord-tenant regulation and programs
    3. 3.  Advise PHB on the effectiveness of landlord-tenant regulation and programs.
    4. 4.  Recommend improvements to PHB’s landlord-tenant regulation and programs
    5. 5.  Recommend annual performance goals for PHB’s landlord-tenant regulation and programs
  4. C.  Budget
    1. 1.  Advise the Portland Housing Advisory Commission (PHAC), the Housing Commissioner, and City Council on the budget for PHB’s landlord-tenant regulation and programs
    2. 2.  Provide feedback on landlord-tenant funding priorities
  5. D.  Community Involvement
    1. 1.  Provide an inclusive forum for the community’s discussion of its landlord-tenant housing needs and priorities
    2. 2.  Assist PHB in strengthening community partnerships

3.133.040 Membership.

  1. A.  The RSC shall consist of at least 7 members and no more than 13 members.
  2. B.  The Housing Commissioner shall appoint all members.
  3. C.  The Housing Commissioner may designate a staff representative to serve as a non-voting ex officio member.
  4. D.  Membership appointment shall take into account the socio-economic, gender, racial, ethnic, cultural, and geographic diversity of the City of Portland.
  5. E.  Membership appointment shall achieve a balanced citizen-based perspective encompassing knowledge of fair housing, rent-regulated and market-rate rental housing, landlord-tenant law, property management, renter-owner advocacy, rental housing access, and rental housing health & safety.
  6. F.  Members shall not simultaneously serve on the PHAC and the RSC.
  7. G.  For the initial appointments to the RSC, the following terms will apply: five to seven members shall be appointed for a term of 2 years; and six to eight members for a term of 3 years.
  8. H.  All subsequent appointments to the RSC shall be for terms of 2 years. 
  9. I.  Members shall be eligible to renew their appointment at the discretion of the Housing Commissioner.
  10. J.  The Housing Commissioner may rescind the appointment of a member if the duties and responsibilities of appointment are not being fulfilled.
  11. K.  Members shall serve without compensation.
  12. L.  PHB may approve the reimbursement of reasonable expenses of the appointed members that are incurred while a member is fulfilling authorized duties of the RSC.
  13. M.  The RSC shall adopt necessary bylaws and rules of procedure for the governance of its proceedings.

3.133.050 Meetings.

  1. The RSC will hold regularly scheduled meetings at least every 2 months, at a schedule established by the RSC. 

3.133.060 Quorum.

  1. Quorum shall be defined as one-half plus one of all appointed members. A quorum shall be necessary for the RSC to take any action. Actions of the RSC shall be passed upon a majority vote of the members present.

3.133.080 Committees.

  1. A.  The RSC will have the following standing committees, whose membership shall be determined by the Chairperson and the Housing Commissioner:
    1. 1.  Executive Committee
    2. 2.  Bylaws and Rules Committee
  2. B.  The RSC may create non-standing committees and task forces to address issues within the parameters of the RSC’s duties and responsibilities.

3.133.090 Staffing.

  1. PHB staff shall be provided for the ongoing functions of the RSC. PHB shall provide notice of RSC meetings to liaison staff representing the other key implementing and policy agencies in the local rental housing delivery system.

3.133.100 Cooperation.

  1. All city boards, bureaus, and agencies of any kind shall cooperate with the RSC and shall provide information at the RSC’s request.