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Chapter 3.131 New Portlanders Policy Commission

City Code Chapter

(Chapter added by Ordinance 187805; effective July 8, 2016.)

3.131.010 Mission.

  1. There is established in the City of Portland a New Portlanders Policy Commission. The New Portlanders Policy Commission shall advise the City on policies and practices to integrate immigrant and refugee communities’ voices and needs into the provision of City services, City decision-making and civic engagement in Portland, and to seek constructive relationships with each member of Council and the City Auditor.

3.131.020 Membership and Staffing.

  1. The Commission shall consist of 25 voting members. All members shall serve without compensation from the City. Appointments to serve on the Commission are for staggered terms of three years. No member may serve more than two 3-year terms. The Commissioner(s)-in-Charge of the New Portlanders Policy Commission recommends, the Mayor nominates, and the Council approves members to the Commission. Members shall be appointed to provide representation from a reasonably broad spectrum of immigrant and refugee communities, striving to include a range of areas of expertise, advocacy experience, community involvement, profession, education, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion and geographic identification.
  2. Members must live, work, worship or be enrolled in school within the city of Portland and/or volunteer for a nonprofit within the city of Portland. If any member of the Commission is absent more than three regularly scheduled meetings of the Commission during any 12 month period, without having notified the Co-Chairs in advance of such absence, such member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Commission.  The member's position shall thereafter be vacant. The Mayor may remove a member from the Commission at any time, with the recommendation of the Commissioner-in-Charge. City Elected Officials may appoint City bureau staff to the Commission as non-voting members. Staffing for the Commission shall be provided, subject to the annual City Budget process.

3.131.030 Purpose.

  1. The purpose of the New Portlanders Policy Commission is to:
  2. A.  Review, develop, evaluate and refine policy and practice recommendations for improving immigrant and refugee community integration in all City activities.
  3. B.  Facilitate constructive working partnerships between City leaders and newcomer community leadership.
  4. C.  Provide a forum for setting integration goals between City bureaus and community organizations.
  5. D.  Provide technical support and policy advice to City Council offices and City bureaus.
  6. E.  Serve as a consultant and advocate to local, state and federal agencies on policies impacting immigrant and refugee communities, as capacity allows.
  7. F.  Provide a report to City Council on policy and practice outcomes on an annual basis.
  8. G.  Engage in the City’s annual budget process.

3.131.040 Organization and Meetings.

  1. The Commission shall adopt bylaws and rules of procedure, and specify procedures for public testimony. The Commission shall elect each year a Chair or Co-Chairs and such other officers as the Commission may from time to time establish. The Commission shall meet at least quarterly, and may meet more often. The Commission Chair(s), in consultation with the Commissioner-in-Charge and the Director of the Bureau staffing the New Portlanders program, or their designee, shall set the agenda for Commission meetings.