Chapter 3.128 Office of Equity and Human Rights

City Code Chapter

(Chapter replaced by Ordinance 184880, effective September 21, 2011.)

3.128.010 Creation and Organization.

  1. There is established the Office of Equity and Human Rights. The Office of Equity and Human Rights shall consist of the Director and such other employees as the Council may provide. The Director shall report to the Commissioner in Charge.

3.128.020 Purpose.

  1. The purpose of the Office of Equity and Human Rights is to:
  2. A.  Promote equity and reduce disparities within City government;
  3. B.  Provide guidance, education and technical assistance to all bureaus as they develop sustainable methods to build capacity in achieving equitable outcomes and service;
  4. C.  Work with community partners to promote equity and inclusion within Portland and throughout the region, producing measurable improvements and disparity reductions;
  5. D.  Support human rights and opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential; and
  6. E.  Work to resolve issues rooted in bias and discrimination, through research, education, and interventions.

3.128.030 Director’s Powers and Duties.

(Amended by Ordinance 186898, effective November 19, 2014.) 

  1. The duties of the Director of the Office of Equity and Human Rights include, but are not limited to:
  2. A.  Overall administration of the Office and supervision of its staff;
  3. B.  Implementing the policy directives of the City Council and the Commissioner in Charge, and proposing policies and practices to achieve the purpose of the Office, and adopt administrative rules, procedures and forms to assist in implementing City policies;
  4. C.  Developing an annual work plan to organize and prioritize the work of the Office;
  5. D.  Working with the Human Rights Commission, the Portland Commission on Disability and all other City bureaus, offices, boards and commissions, as well as regional partners in government, business and the community, to increase equitable outcomes and reduce disparities;
  6. E.  Recommending implementation strategies, accountability mechanisms, evaluation standards, and specific actions to the City Council that will achieve the goals of the Portland Plan Equity initiative, and other equity and human rights policies adopted by City Council;
  7. F.  Providing reports to Council and the community annually and as requested.

3.128.040 Administrative Rulemaking Procedures.

(Amended by Ordinance 186898, effective November 19, 2014.) 

  1. A.  Purpose.  The Director has been delegated the authority to adopt and administer administrative rules appropriate to perform the duties set forth in Section 3.128.030.  Administrative rules shall be adopted according to the procedures in this Section.
  2. B.  Adopting Rules.
    1. 1.  Prior to the adoption or amendment of a permanent rule, the Director shall:
      1. a.  Give notice of the proposed rule at least 15 days prior to the effective date of the rule to City Commissioners, Bureau Directors and other parties of interest. The notice shall include a brief description of the subjects covered by the proposed rule, the final date for acceptance of written comments, the location to submit comments, and the location where copies of the full set of the proposed rules may be obtained. 
      2. b.  During the comment and review process, the Director will analyze written comments, engage stakeholders and solicit legal review.  The Director may either adopt the proposed rule, modify it or reject it. 
      3. c.  If the Director makes a substantial modification to the proposed rule, the Director may provide additional time for review and comment prior to adoption.
      4. d.  Unless otherwise stated, all rules will be effective upon adoption by the Director.  Permanent rules shall be filed in the Portland Policy Documents repository. 
      5. e.  Upon consultation with the Commissioner in Charge, the Director may adopt an interim rule without prior notice upon a finding that a failure to act promptly will result in prejudice to the City’s interest.  Interim rules will be effective for a period of no longer than 180 days.  No later than 15 days after adoption, notice of the interim rule shall be given to City Commissioners, Bureau Directors and other parties of interest as identified by the Director. 
    2. 2.  All administrative rules shall be posted on the Bureau’s website. 
    3. 3.  The Director may repeal any adopted rules upon consultation with the Commissioner in Charge.  Notice of repeal will be given to City Commissioners, Bureau Directors and other parties of interest.