COVID-19 Risk Level for Multnomah County: Extreme Risk

3.124.080 Neighborhood Emergency Teams.

A.  As part of the Neighborhood Emergency Team Program, the Director is authorized to:

1.  Create Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET) and define the qualifications for membership therein;

2.  Develop written processes and procedures governing the conduct of members;

3.  Conduct or cause to be conducted such inquiries or investigations into the fitness of an individual to serve as a NET member that the Director believes are necessary and appropriate;

4.  Conduct or approve of ongoing training for NET members;

5.  Designate certain NET members as team leaders for the purpose of supervision;

6.  Dismiss or remove NET members.

B.  When acting as agents of the City, NET members are entitled to defense and indemnification pursuant to ORS 30.285.

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