3.124.050 Director's Powers and Duties.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 185304, effective June 1, 2012.)

  1. The Director of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management’s duties and powers include, but are not limited to the following:
  2. A.  Overall administrative authority for the Office;
  3. B.  Serve as principal strategic advisor to the Mayor concerning emergency management;
  4. C.  Implement policy directives of the City Council and the Disaster Policy Council and enforce the schedules and plans approved by them;
  5. D.  Manage the Emergency Coordination Center (ECC), establishing the overall structure, roles, responsibilities and direction for the operation of the ECC and ensuring that the ECC is appropriately sited, staffed, equipped, and maintained. The Director may reassign employees to ECC duties as required;
  6. E.  Maintain written emergency plans, including all chapters, annexes and appendices of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) and annually submit a report with any recommendations for revisions;
  7. F.  Maintain records documenting compliance with requirements of federal and state emergency management programs, including NIMS.  When a bureau other than PBEM possesses such records, the bureau shall immediately produce them upon the request of the Director;
  8. G.  Develop and implement training and exercise programs for responders that test the effectiveness of the CEMP and other emergency management plans;
  9. H.  Develop and implement processes, procedures, and systems for communicating emergency notices to the public and responders about incidents;
  10. I.  Develop and implement programs to educate the public about emergency preparedness, including volunteer programs, and train citizens to assist in emergencies;
  11. J.  Evaluate the effectiveness of the City’s response to an emergency event.