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3.122.200 Administration.

The task force for an Economic Improvement District shall be responsible for administration of the economic improvements to be carried out. With the concurrence of the head of the lead bureau, the task force may designate an employee of the lead bureau as the person responsible for day to day administration of the economic improvements. In the event the task force determines that the economic improvements should be performed by a contractor or contractors, the task force shall prepare for Council consideration contracts for the work. In each case, the contract for work shall include not less than the following:

A. A description of the work to be done;

B. A description of the method of compensation for the work;

C. A description of records to be kept by the contractor to evidence performance of the work and of the documentation to be provided to the City to justify payment for work;

D. A description of any liability to be born and insurance to be provided by the contractor; and

E. A description of the rights of the City to terminate the contract prior to its completion.

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