Chapter 3.12 Bureau of Transportation

City Code Chapter

(Chapter replaced by Ordinance 182389, effective January 2, 2009.) 

3.12.005 Purpose.

(Added by Ordinance 190590, effective October 27, 2021.)

  1. The purpose of this Chapter is to describe the organization and functions of the Bureau of Transportation. The Bureau of Transportation shall be charged with the responsibility for the finance, operation, maintenance, and improvement of the transportation system. The Bureau of Transportation shall be responsible for management of the public right-of-way as provided under City Charter, ordinances, and Oregon law.

3.12.010 Organization.

(Amended by Ordinance 190590, effective October 27, 2021.)

  1. The ­Bureau of Transportation shall be under the direction and control of the Director of Transportation.  The Director shall be responsible for the overall coordination and management of the groups of the ­Bureau of Transportation to assure the goals of the City Council are met and the mission and goals of the Bureau of Transportation are achieved.  This includes responsibility for productivity, responsiveness and effectiveness of the services and programs of the Bureau of Transportation. 
  2. The Director of Transportation shall have authority to issue administrative rules and regulations in addition to those specified in the Charter and this Code, as are appropriate to provide for the adequate functioning of the Bureau and to carry out the responsibilities under this Section. The City Engineer shall be an employee within the Bureau of Transportation.  Responsibilities and authorities of the City Engineer provided in this Code shall be performed by a Professional Engineer. 

3.12.020 Vision and Mission.

(Added by Ordinance 190590, effective October 27, 2021.)

  1. The Bureau of Transportation seeks to create and maintain a safe, reliable, equitable, and affordable transportation system that supports Portland's prosperity with a high quality of life, an inclusive and connected community, and a low carbon footprint.
  2. The Bureau of Transportation works with the community to shape a livable city. The Bureau of Transportation plans, builds, and maintains an effective and safe transportation system that provides people and businesses the access and mobility they need and deserve.

3.12.030 Duties of the Bureau of Transportation.

(Added by Ordinance 190590, effective October 27, 2021.)

  1. For the purposes of this code, the Bureau of Transportation shall be responsible for:
  2. A.  The administration and enforcement of:
    1. 1.  Title 16 Vehicles and Traffic
    2. 2.  Sections of Title 17 Public Improvements relating to Transportation
    3. 3.  Sections of Title 24 relating to Transportation

3.12.040 Administrative Rules and Procedures.

(Added by Ordinance 190590, effective October 27, 2021.)

  1. The Director of the Transportation may adopt, amend, and repeal rules, policies, procedures, and forms pertaining to matters within the scope of this Code.
  2. A.  Permanent Rules
    1. 1.  Any adoption, amendment, or repeal of a rule pursuant to this Section requires a public review process which includes a minimum 30-day public comment period and the opportunity for a public hearing.
    2. 2.  Public notice shall be given not less than 30 days before adoption. Such notice shall include the location at which copies of the full text of the proposed rules may be obtained and the place and time of a proposed public hearing.
    3. 3.  The Director is only required to hold the public hearing if requested to do so.
  3. B.  Interim Rules
    1. 1.  The Director may adopt an interim rule without prior notice upon a finding that a failure to act promptly will result in prejudice to the public interest.
    2. 2.  Interim rules will be effective for a period of no longer than 120 days.

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