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3.115.120 Notice Requirements.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184882, effective September 21, 2011.)

A.  Notifications to subscribers. Grantee shall provide written information on each of the following areas at the time of service installation, at least annually to all subscribers, and at any time upon request:

1.  Products and services offered;

2.  Prices and options for programming services and conditions of subscription to programming and other services;

3.  Installation and service maintenance policies;

4.  Instructions on how to use the cable service;

5.  Channel positions programming carried on the system; and,

6.  Billing and complaint procedures, including the address and telephone number of the City's Office for Community Technology.

B.  Grantee shall notify customers of any changes in rates, programming services or channel positions as soon as possible in writing. Notice must be given to subscribers a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance of such changes if the change is within the control of the grantee. In addition, grantee shall notify subscribers thirty (30) days in advance of any significant changes in the other information required by this Section. Grantees are not required to provide prior notice of any rate change that is the result of a regulatory fee, franchise fee, or any other fee, tax, assessment, or charge of any kind imposed by any Federal agency, State, or franchising authority on the transaction between the operator and the subscriber.

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