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3.115.100 Telephone Answering Standard.

A.    Cable system office hours and telephone availability. Grantees shall maintain a local, toll-free or collect call telephone access line which shall be available to its subscribers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Grantees shall provide, in at least one prominent location, an easily identifiable telephone number for local customer service on all bills, account statements or statements of service to grantee subscribers. Toll-free telephone lines, either staffed or with answering capability, providing at least emergency referral information, must be operational 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Grantee must have trained representatives available to respond to customer telephone inquiries during Normal Business Hours. After Normal Business Hours, the access line may be answered by a service or an automated response system, including an answering machine. Inquiries received by grantee after Normal Business Hours must be responded to by a trained representative on the next business day.

B.    Telephone Answering Time. Under Normal Operating Conditions, telephone answer time by grantee’s customer representatives including wait time, shall not exceed thirty (30) seconds when the connection is made. If the call needs to be transferred, transfer time shall not exceed thirty (30) seconds. Grantees shall meet these standards no less than ninety (90) percent of the time under Normal Operating Conditions, measured on a calendar quarterly basis.

C.   Busy Phones. Under Normal Operating Conditions, the customer shall receive a busy signal less than three (3) percent of the time.

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