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3.115.030 General Powers & Duties.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184882, effective September 21, 2011.)

A.  To the extent provided in the Agreement and in this Chapter, the Commission may exercise all cable communications system regulatory powers of the City over grantees operating within the City, whether such powers are granted to the City by law or under franchises issued to grantees. 

B.  The Commission shall act in an advisory capacity to the City Council through the Commissioner in Charge of the Office for Community Technology on all other matters pertaining to franchise agreements to construct, maintain and operate cable communications systems or proposed franchise agreements for such systems. 

C.  All powers granted to the Commission by the Agreement shall be subject to the provisions of franchises issued to grantees.. In the event of any conflict between the Agreement and a grantee franchise, the provisions of the franchise shall prevail.

D.  The Commission may adopt such regulations as it deems necessary or desirable in order to exercise its powers and carry out its duties under the Agreement and this Chapter.

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