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3.115.020 Cable Regulatory Commission.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184882, effective September 21, 2011.)

A.  The City is a party to the Intergovernmental Agreement dated December 24, 1992, as modified by subsequent amendments, creating the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission.   The Intergovernmental Agreement establishes the responsibilities and powers of the Commission, as delegated by the various participating jurisdictions.  The City Council approved the City of Portland’s participation in the MHCRC by Ordinance No. 166168, enacted on January 20, 1993.

B.  As provided in the Agreement, the City is represented by three members on the Commission, appointed by the Commissioner in Charge of the Office for Community Technology and confirmed by the Council.  Appointments are for staggered terms of 3 years.  When an interim vacancy occurs, the Commissioner in Charge appoints, and the Council confirms, a member to fill the balance of the unexpired term.  All members representing the City must be residents of the City.  The Commissioner in Charge shall appoint members to the Commission so as to provide for an appropriate level of expertise taking into account the powers and duties of the Commission and in making appointments shall take into consideration the desirability of diverse representation, including without limitation, of racial and ethnic minorities, gender, different geographic areas, and different socioeconomic groups.  All members shall serve without compensation from the City or from any grantee.  No member may have an ownership interest in any grantee.  The Commissioner in Charge may remove a member appointed by the City from the Commission at any time, subject to approval by the Council.