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3.101.080 Termination.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 167356, 182671 and 185043, effective December 7, 2011.)

  1. A.  If, after a certificate of qualification approving the exemption has been filed with the County Assessor, the Portland Housing Bureau finds that non‑compliance has occurred or that any provision of this Chapter is not being complied with, the Portland Housing Bureau shall give notice in writing to the owner, mailed to the owner’s last‑known address and to every known lender, by mailing the notice to the last-known address of every known lender, of the proposed termination of the exemption.  The notice shall state the reasons for the proposed termination of the exemption and require the owner to appear before City Council to show cause at a specified time, not less than 20 days after mailing of the notice, why the exemption should not be terminated.
  2. B.  If the owner does not appear or if he or she appears and fails to show cause why the exemption should not be terminated, the Portland Housing Bureau shall notify every known lender and shall allow any lender not less than 30 days after the date the notice of the failure to appear and show cause is mailed to cure any noncompliance or to provide adequate assurance that all noncompliance shall be remedied.
  3. C.  If the owner fails to appear and show cause why the exemption should not be terminated and the lender fails to cure or give adequate assurance of the cure of any noncompliance, City Council shall adopt an ordinance or resolution stating its findings that terminate the exemption.  A copy of the ordinance or resolution shall be filed with the County Assessor and a copy sent to the owner at the owner’s last‑known address and to the lender at the last-known address of the lender, within 10 days after its adoption.
  4. D.  Upon final adjudication, the county officials having possession of the assessment and tax rolls shall correct the rolls in the manner provided for omitted property under ORS 311.216 to 311.232, to provide for the assessment and taxation of any value not included in the valuation of the property during the period of exemption prior to termination by City Council or by a court, in accordance with the findings of City Council or the court as the assessment year in which the exemption is to terminate.  The County Assessor shall make the valuation of the property necessary to permit correction of the rolls, and the owner may appeal the valuation in the manner provided under ORS 311.216 to 311.232.  Where there has been a failure to comply, as provided in Subsection A of this Section, the property shall be revalued beginning July 1 of the calendar year in which the non‑compliance first occurred.  Any additional taxes becoming due shall be payable without interest if paid in the period prior to the 16th day of the months next following the month of correction.  If not paid within such period, the additional taxes shall thereafter be considered delinquent on the date they would normally have become delinquent if the time extended on the roll or rolls in the year or years for which the correction was made.