3.101.050 Review of Application.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 167356, 182671, 185043 and 187660, effective April 6, 2016.)

  1. A.  Within 30 days after the March 1 deadline for the application and payment of the application fee, the Portland Housing Bureau shall approve or deny the application.  The application shall be approved if the Portland Housing Bureau finds that the property is “eligible property” within the meaning of the paragraphs 1. through 3. of Subsection B. of Section 3.101.010 of this Chapter, and that the applicant has submitted the application and paid the fees pursuant to Section 3.101.040 of this Chapter. 
  2. B.  If the application is approved, the Portland Housing Bureau shall send written notice of approval to the applicant.
  3. C.  The Portland Housing Bureau shall file a certified list of approved properties with the County Assessor on or before April 1.
  4. D.  If the application is denied, the Portland Housing Bureau shall state in writing the reasons for denial and send the notice to the applicant at his or her last known address within 10 days after the denial.  The Portland Housing Bureau shall retain that portion of the application fee which is attributable to its own administrative costs and shall refund the balance to the applicant.
  5. E.  Upon denial by the Portland Housing Bureau, an applicant may appeal the denial to the City Council within 30 days after receipt of the notice of denial.  Appeal from the decision of the City Council may be taken as provided by law.
  6. F.  The application shall be assigned an application and receipt number.