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3.100.052 Definitions.

(Added by Ordinance No. 180077, effective May 19, 2006) As used in this Chapter unless the context requires otherwise:

A.   "Bureau" means the Bureau of Purchases.

B.   "Contract" means all formal solicitation contracts for Public Improvements and Construction Services authorized and executed pursuant to PCC Chapter 5.34, and all formal solicitation contracts for Goods and Services authorized and executed pursuant to PCC Chapter 5.33 and all formal solicitation contracts for Professional, Technical and Expert services (PTE) authorized and executed pursuant to PCC Chapter 5.68.

C.    "Director" or “Purchasing Agent” means the Director of the Bureau of Purchases or that person to whom those duties have been properly delegated.

D.   "Domestic Partner" means any person who is registered with his or her employer as a domestic partner, or, in the absence of an employer-provided registry, is registered as a domestic partner with a governmental body pursuant to state or local law authorizing such registration and who is in fact a current domestic partner with the person with whom that person was registered.  Any internal employer registry of domestic partnership must comply with criteria for domestic partnerships specified by rule by the Bureau.

E.   "Employee benefits" means any plan, program or policy provided by an employer to its employees as part of the employer’s total compensation package. This includes but is not limited to the following types of benefits: bereavement leave; disability, life, and other types of insurance; family medical leave; health benefits; membership or membership discounts; moving expenses; pension and retirement benefits; vacation; travel benefits; and any other benefits given to employees, provided that it does not include benefits to the extent that the application of the requirements of this chapter to such benefits may be preempted by federal or state law.

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