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Chapter 3.08 Treasurer

City Code Chapter

(Chapter replaced by Ordinance 151419; Amended by Ordinance 184539, effective  May 20, 2011.)

3.08.010 Office.

(Amended by Ordinances 158556 and 186746, effective August 6, 2014.) 

  1. Public Finance and Treasury is a division within the Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services reporting to the Office of Management and Finance and shall consist of the City Treasurer, Debt Manager, Investment Officer, and such employees as the Council may provide.

3.08.020 Salary Bond.

  1. The salary of the City Treasurer shall be fixed by ordinance.  A surety bond, payable to the City of Portland, in the sum of not less than $200,000 shall secure the faithful performance and fidelity of City Treasurer duties.  Any conflict between this Section and any other Sections in the City Code shall be interpreted to require the greater of any bond amounts or assurances in favor of the City.

3.08.030 Duties of City Treasurer.

(Amended by Ordinances 158556 and 177246, effective March 7, 2003.) 

  1. Except as provided in this Chapter, the duties of the City Treasurer shall include the investment of all City funds in accordance with all statutes relating to investment of public funds, and in accordance with the City’s current investment policy.  The Treasurer may delegate to other City officials any duties or responsibilities assigned to the Treasurer by Charter, Code or statute relating to the foreclosure of delinquent liens.

3.08.040 Treasurer Authorized to Deposit in Banks.

(Amended by Ordinances 158556 and 186746, effective August 6, 2014.) 

  1. The Treasurer shall have the authority to open or close bank accounts in the name of the City.  The Treasurer shall make disposition of City deposits in such a manner as found by the Treasurer to be in the City’s best financial interests.  City funds in any bank are in the custody of the City Treasurer as required by law.  The Treasurer shall be authorized to enter into deposit agreements as may be agreed upon with the bank.  Each bank shall be authorized to accept City funds for deposit to any such accounts when tendered by any person without obligation to ascertain that the funds are being deposited in the proper account.  The City Treasurer shall furnish each bank at which an account is maintained, a written statement naming the person or persons authorized to withdraw funds from such account, declaring the persons named therein are authorized assistants in the Public Finance and Treasury Division and certifying the signatures of the persons so named.  Each bank should be authorized to honor withdrawals by the City Treasurer or by the person or persons named in such statement until written notice of cancellation or change is delivered to and received by the bank at which the account affected is maintained.  In the event of the termination of services or death of the City Treasurer, the Chief Financial Officer shall make a record showing the time of termination and give notice to the banks maintaining a City account.  The new City Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies received and disbursed after such time except that outstanding checks may be paid in due course and charged against the proper bank account.  Each new City Treasurer shall promptly verify with each bank in which City funds are deposited and ascertain the exact balance and make sure rectification as may be needed because of outstanding checks.  Each new City Treasurer shall have and exercise all of the authority of his/her predecessor and may execute any new banking agreements.

3.08.050 Liability of Treasurer for Deposit of Funds.

  1. In the event of bank failure or bankruptcy and when deposits have been made as provided herein or authorized by law of the Charter, the Treasurer shall be exempt from all liability for loss of deposits, or bankruptcy or other acts of the bank or bankers to the extent and amount of such deposits.

3.08.060 Council May Require Additional Security from Banks.

  1. If the Council deems the securities pledged by any bank insufficient and inadequate security for the City deposits with such bank, other or additional securities to be given by such bank shall be requested and require approval by the Council.  If such bank fails to furnish such securities promptly, the Treasurer at once shall withdraw all deposits from such bank and such bank shall cease to be a depository of the City funds.  To be reinstated as a depository of City funds requires that the bank deposit securities deemed satisfactory by a vote of the Council.

3.08.070 City Officers or Agents to Pay Money to the City Treasurer.

(Amended by Ordinance 186746, effective August 6, 2014.) 

  1. Any officer or agent of this City or other person who shall receive or have possession of any money belonging to the City shall immediately pay the same to the Treasurer who shall receipt the money.  Failure to pay to the Treasurer any money received within 24 hours shall be deemed sufficient cause for removal in the absence of excusable failure.