Chapter 3.06 Departments, Bureaus and Divisions Generally

City Code Chapter

3.06.010 Departments Enumerated.

The administrative service of the City shall be divided into the following executive departments:

  1. Department of Public Affairs;
  2. Department of Public Safety;
  3. Department of Public Utilities;
  4. Department of Public Works;
  5. Department of Finance and Administration.

Each department shall be headed by a Commissioner.

3.06.020 Bureaus and Divisions.

The various functions and activities of the government of the City shall be assigned to bureaus, divisions, or other administrative units as herein provided by ordinance from time to time. The bureaus and activities assigned thereto shall be distributed to the departments by order of the Mayor.

3.06.030 Acting Chief of Bureau or Office.

(Added by Ordinance No. 135664, effective December 6, 1972.) Unless specifically provided otherwise by ordinance, in the absence because of illness, disability, vacation or leave of absence, and upon resignation, retirement or discharge, of the chief of any bureau or office, whose duties are general by virtue of that position, his chief assistant or deputy shall serve as acting chief and perform the duties of chief without additional compensation, until the Council, the Commissioner In Charge or the superior official in charge directs assigns or otherwise or a permanent successor is designated and takes office.