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3.05.060 Audit Reports.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 188842, effective March 30, 2018.)

A.  Each audit will result in a written report.

B.  Reports are to be issued promptly so as to make information available for timely use by Council, management and other interested parties.

C.  The Auditor will submit each audit report to the Council and will retain a copy as a permanent record.

D.  If appropriate, the audit report shall contain the professional opinion of the Auditor or the contract auditor concerning the financial statements issued by the auditee or if the audit is a performance audit, the report will contain the professional conclusions of the audit regarding the management activities audited.

E.  Audit reports issued by the Auditor shall contain:

1.  A statement of audit objectives and a description of the audit scope and methodology;

2.  A statement that the audit was performed in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards;

3.  A description of all significant instances of non‑compliance and abuse and all instances of illegal acts found during or in connection with the audit;

4.  A full discussion of audit findings and conclusions, including the cause of problem areas and recommendations for necessary or desirable action;

5.  A statement of all significant management controls that were assessed and any significant weaknesses found;

6.  Pertinent views of responsible officials concerning audit findings, conclusions and recommendations;

7.  A listing of any significant issues needing further study and consideration;

8.  A description of noteworthy accomplishments of the auditee.

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