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3.05.040 Access to Information.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 188842, effective March 30, 2018.)  In accordance with City Charter, subject to collective bargaining obligations to the City’s recognized bargaining units, the Auditor shall have timely access to all employees, information and records required to conduct an audit or otherwise perform audit duties, including confidential and legally privileged information and records so long as privilege is not waived as to third parties.  All officers and employees of the City of Portland shall timely furnish the Auditor with requested information and records within their custody regarding powers, duties, activities, organization, property, financial transactions and methods of business required to conduct an audit or otherwise perform audit duties.  In addition, they shall provide timely access for the Auditor to inspect all property, equipment and facilities within their custody.  If such officers or employees fail to timely produce the aforementioned information, then the Auditor, subject to Council approval, may, without fee, cause a search to be made and exhibits to be taken from any book, paper or record of any such official or employee, excepting personal information, and every office having the custody of such records shall make a search and forward such requested exhibits to the Auditor.