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3.02.037 Time Certain Agenda.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 177787 and 184046, effective September 10, 2010.)

A.  Any Council member, the City Auditor, City Attorney, City Purchasing Agent, Hearings Officer, City Planning and Sustainability Commission, and any other City appointed board or commission filing an item with the City Auditor for City Council consideration may designate the item as “time certain.”

B.  A request for time certain designation shall be made in writing to the City Auditor at least 4 days prior to the filing deadline for the regular Council agenda items; or by verbal request by the City Council or member thereof at any time prior to City Council action on a particular item.  The request shall include an estimate of time to be devoted to the particular item.

C.  The City Auditor shall schedule the item for hearing before the City Council and inform the office requesting the time certain designation.

D.  The Council Agenda shall clearly distinguish time certain items from all other items.

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