29.90.060 Powers of a Receiver.

City Code Section

A receiver appointed by the court pursuant to the Oregon Housing Receivership Act shall have the authority to do any or all of the following, unless specifically limited by the court:

A. Take possession and control of the property, including the right to enter, modify and terminate tenancies pursuant to ORS Chapters 90 and 105, and to charge and collect rents and apply rents collected to the costs incurred due to the receivership.

B. Negotiate contracts and pay all expenses associated with the operation and conservation of the property, including, but not limited to all utility, fuel, custodial, repair, and insurance costs.

C. Pay all accrued property taxes, penalties, assessments, and other charges imposed on the property by a unit of government, as well as any charge of like nature accruing during the pendency of the receivership.

D. Dispose of all abandoned personal property found on the property pursuant to ORS Chapter 90.

E. Enter into contracts and pay for the performance of any work necessary to complete the abatement.

F. Enter into financing agreements with public or private lenders and encumber the property so as to have moneys available to correct the conditions at the property giving rise to the abatement.

G. Charge an administrative fee at an hourly rate approved by the court or at a rate of 15 percent of the total cost of abatement, whichever the court deems more appropriate.