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Chapter 29.80 Appeals

City Code Chapter

29.80.010 Administrative Review

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176381 and 176955, effective October 9, 2002.)

A. Whenever an owner has been given a notice pursuant to this Title and has been directed to make any correction or to perform any act and the owner believes the finding of the notice was in error, the owner may have the notice reviewed by the Director. If a review is sought, the owner shall submit a written request to the Bureau of Development Services within 15 days of the date of the notice. Such review shall be conducted by the Director. The owner requesting such review shall be given the opportunity to present evidence to the Director. Following the review, the Director shall issue a written determination.

B. Nothing in this Section shall limit the authority of the Director to initiate a proceeding under Title 22.

29.80.020 Appeals to the Code Hearings Officer.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 183793, effective May 19, 2010.)  A determination issued pursuant to 29.80.010 may be appealed to the Code Hearings Officer along with the payment of a fee as set forth in the Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule, as provided for in Chapter 22.10 of City code.

29.80.030 Further Appeals.

All appeals from the Code Hearings Officer’s determination pursuant to 29.80.020 shall be by writ of review as authorized by Section 22.04.010 of the City Code and ORS 34.010 - 34.100.