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29.70.040 Chronic Offender.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 181699; amended by Ordinance No. 189711, effective September 25, 2019.)

A.  A Chronic Offender is any person whose property has accumulated, within any 12-month period, multiple violations under Title 29 which have a negative impact on the public health or welfare and cause repeat inspections and enforcement efforts by the Director.

B.  The Director shall adopt policies and procedures setting forth the type and number of Title 29 violations that result in a Chronic Offender designation.

C.  The Director may pursue any or all of the following actions against a Chronic Offender:

1.  Refer the Chronic Offender to the Code Hearings Officer, as provided in Title 22 of the City Code, for additional penalties, sanctions, and the authority to abate unresolved nuisance violations on properties owned by the Chronic Offender; or

2.  Refer the Chronic Offender for Criminal Prosecution and criminal penalties of a fine of up to $500 per violation or six (6) months in jail as provided for in City Code Chapter 1.01.