29.70.030 Building Demolition Costs and Penalties.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 176528, 183793 and 189413, effective March 6, 2019.)

A.  Whenever a building is demolished by the City, the Director shall keep an accurate account of all expenses incurred for each building demolished, including but not limited to abatement costs, civil penalties, administrative costs, recorders fees and title report charges as set forth in the Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule as approved by City Council.

B.  Costs and penalties resulting from demolition by the City of any structure pursuant to this Title plus 10 percent charges to cover the administrative costs of the Revenue Division shall be assessed as a lien upon the real property on which the structure was located pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 22.06 of City code.

C.  When a property meets the conditions for assessment of fees or penalties as described in this Title, the Director may also cause appropriate collection measures, including legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction, to be instituted against the property owner in order to collect the assessed fees or penalties.