Storm damage recovery

29.60.100 Exceptions.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 177254, effective March 14, 2003.)

A. The Director may grant an exception when the enforcement of the requirements of this Title would cause undue hardship to the owner or occupants of the affected property, or whenever the Director deems it necessary in order to accomplish the purpose of this Title.

B. To carry out the intent of this Section the Director shall establish written policies in the form of waivers to explain the exceptions that are available to property owners. The waivers shall include the following information:

1. An explanation of the purpose of the waiver;

2. A list of the requirements the owner must meet in order to qualify for the waiver;

3. An explanation of the period of time during which the waiver will be in effect;

4. A list of the actions the owner must perform to fulfill their responsibilities to maintain the waiver and to prevent the waiver from being cancelled.

C. The owner must apply for a waiver in writing. This Section shall not be construed so as to evade the provisions of Title 22.