29.50.050 Illegal Residential Occupancy.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 190381, effective August 1, 2021.)  Residential occupancy of structures or spaces not intended for permanent residential use or occupancy is unlawful, including but not limited to structures placed, constructed or converted without permit; tents, campers, motor homes, recreational vehicles, and other vehicles.

A.  Exceptions:

1.  Individual sleeping accommodations within outdoor shelters legally established in conformance with Portland City Code Chapters 33.285 or 33.815, or allowed as temporary occupancies under Portland City Code Chapter 33.296;

2.  Vehicles on institutional property as allowed by Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 203, Section 082;

3.  Recreational vehicles within in a manufactured dwelling park or mobile home park as provided by Oregon Revised Statues, Chapter 197, Section 493;

4.  Motor homes and recreational vehicles within a recreational vehicle park allowed as a commercial use by Portland City Code Chapters 33.130 or 33.140; and

5.  One occupied recreational vehicle provided:

a.  The recreational vehicle is on a site with a house, attached house, or manufactured home. See Portland City Code Chapter 33.260.

b.  The recreational vehicle is a travel trailer, park model recreational vehicle, camper or motor home.

c.  A permanent recreational vehicle utility hookup that includes an electrical outlet, a water connection, and a sanitary sewer dump is provided on the site. A water connection and sanitary sewer dump is not required if the vehicle lacks internal plumbing.

6.  Camping under emergency circumstances as authorized by Portland City Code Sections 14A.50.020 B., 33.296.030, or by declaration by the Mayor.

B.  When a property has an illegal residential occupancy, the use shall be abated or brought into compliance with the current regulations for a space of the same occupancy.

Upcoming and Recent Changes

Ordinance No. 190381

Effective Date

Ordinance No. 190381 has two effective dates:

Directive b is effective April 30, 2021:  Amend Titles 8, 15, 17, 21, and 30 of the Portland City Code, as shown in Exhibit B, Shelter to Housing Continuum Recommended Draft Volume Three—As-Amended, dated April 2021, but excluding the amendments to Subsection 17.14.070 H. Note:  Directive b changes updated online May 4, 2021.

Directive c is effective August 1, 2021:  Amend Title 29 and Subsection 17.14.070 H. of the Portland City Code as shown in Exhibit B, Shelter to Housing Continuum Recommended Draft Volume Three—As-Amended, dated April 2021. Note:  Directive c changes will be posted online around August 1, 2021.