Storm damage recovery

29.30.260 Hazardous Materials.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 180330 and 189711, effective September 25, 2019.)

A.  Any paint(s), veneers, varnishes, or similar pigmented sealers or finishes applied to any surface of a residential structure must be lead free, in compliance with the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 1978 ban on the use of paint containing lead in residential properties.

The Director will adopt administrative rules detailing requirements and enforcement of this provision.

B.  Residential property must be free of dangerous levels of hazardous materials, contamination by toxic chemicals, or other hazardous conditions that would render the property unsafe.  Where a governmental agency authorized by law to make the determination, has verified that a property is unfit for use and occupancy as a result of hazardous materials or conditions on the property, the property must also be deemed to be in violation of this Title.  Any such property must remain in violation of this Title until such time as the authorizing agency has approved the remediation of the hazardous materials or conditions.  The Director may order such property vacated pursuant to Section 29.60.070 of this Title.

C.  No residential property may be used as a place for the storage and handling of highly combustible or explosive materials or any articles which may be dangerous or detrimental to life or health.  No residential property may be used for the storage or sale of paints, varnishes or oils used in the making of paints and varnishes, except as needed to maintain the dwelling.

D.  Residential property must be kept free of friable asbestos.