Storm damage recovery

29.30.005 General.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 180330, 181699 and 189711, effective September 25, 2019.)

A.  An owner may not maintain or permit to be maintained, in violation of this Chapter, any residential property.

B.  All residential property shall be maintained to the building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical code requirements in effect at the time of construction, alteration, or repair.

C.  Where construction, alteration or repair has been made to a residential property illegally without benefit of a permit, all work shall be required to meet current requirements of the applicable Oregon Specialty Code as adopted in Sections 24.10.040, 25.01.020, 26.01.030 and 27.01.030 of the City Code.

D.  The specific minimum maintenance standards set forth in Section 29.30.250 only apply to residential hotels and apartment houses that were constructed, altered or repaired before January 1, 1973.