28.07.020 Specific Requirements.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 181437 and 191154, effective March 1, 2023.)

  1. In addition to the requirements specified in the relevant Specialty Codes and Title 26, the following specific requirements apply to electrical installations for moorages, marinas and floating structures.
  2. A.  Transformer pads may not be located closer than either 8 feet to combustible surfaces and 2 feet to noncombustible surfaces.
  3. B.  Overhead power drops must be installed and maintained a minimum of 14 feet above walking surfaces and/or the ordinary high water line.
  4. C.  Electrical installations within 2 feet of the water will be considered to be in a wet environment, except that installations inside a structure and not exposed to the water may be considered to be in a dry environment.