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28.06.070 Identification.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 181437 and 183597, effective April 9, 2010.)  All moorages shall be provided with identification as follows:

A.  All moorages shall be identifiable by name and address from the street on which they front at or near the point of emergency vehicle access.

B.  The head of each gangway providing access to the moorage shall be obviously identifiable from the point of emergency vehicle access; or in those cases having a secondary access road, from the shore end of the access road; or the facility shall be signed as required to provide such identification.

C.  The location and identification of all floating structures shall be obvious from the head of each gangway by placement of a site map indicating the layout of the moorage and the walkways and which identifies each structure and/or slip individually by number or letter or combination thereof.  For the purposes of this subsection, “site map” means a plan of a moorage or marina that shows the layout of the moorage or marina including all gangways, walkways, mooring sites and land based structures and identifies the moorage by address and each moorage site/slip or land based building by number or letter or a combination thereof or by address if separate from that one of the moorage or marina.

D.  The walkway, structure and mooring site identification shall be logical and obvious.  Identification work shall be subject to the Harbor Master’s approval.

E.  All floating homes, boathouses, and combo-structures shall have a state issued identifying number plate displayed in a location that is readily visible from the walkway providing access to the structure.

F.  Moorage owners/operators shall maintain a moorage map with each mooring site identified by number or letter or combination thereof and which lists the state identifying number, if applicable, of the structure occupying each mooring site or identifies the structure occupying the mooring site by use and tenant name if no state number plate is required for the structure.  Such plan shall be available for Harbor Master review when requested.

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