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28.06.020 Materials and Installations.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 181437 and 187664, effective May 6, 2016.)

A.  Structural materials.  Structural members and connectors within 18 inches of the water, except logs used for floatation, steel stringers and steel piling, shall be fabricated of materials with natural resistance to decay or be coated or treated such that the materials will resist deterioration due to their proximity to the water.  In general: framing lumber within 18 inches of the water and decking material which is exposed to the weather shall be pressure treated with an approved preservative.  Framing connectors, anchoring chain, shackles and shackle pins or other anchoring devices shall be hot-dipped galvanized or non-corrosive metal except for the pins that connect stringers to the floatation logs.  Plywood shall have exterior type adhesive; exposed plywood shall be exterior grade.  Structural members may consist of composite materials if such materials are approved by the Director.

B.  Preservative treated wood shall be treated using a waterborne preservative and is to be produced in accordance with the most current "Best Management Practices for Treated Wood in Aquatic Environments" issued by the Western Wood Preservers Institute and the Canadian Institute of Treated Wood.  Preservative treated wood shall be identified by the quality assurance mark of an inspection accredited agency.

C.  Energy Efficiency.  The exterior building envelope of the floating structure including exterior walls, floors, roofs, doors, windows, and skylights as well as the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for the structure shall comply with the energy efficiency requirements of the State of Oregon Building Code, as defined in Oregon Revised Statutes Section 455.010 based on the occupancy of the building. Thermal insulation which may be subject to moisture, such as main floor underfloor insulation, shall be of a type approved for damp locations.

D.  Ventilation.  Enclosed wood construction systems for floating structures shall be ventilated in accordance with the requirements of the State of Oregon Residential Specialty Code or the State of Oregon Structural Specialty Code (2005).

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