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27.19.055 Electric Heating - Resistance Cable Type.

City Code Section

A.  Resistance cable shall not be installed in walls.

B.  Cables may be installed in ceilings or poured masonry floors.  Cables shall not extend beyond the room in which they originate.  Cables shall not be installed in closets, over cabinets which extend to the ceiling, under walls or partitions, or over walls or partitions which extend to the ceiling, except that single runs of cable may pass over partitions where embedded.  This requirement shall not prohibit low‑temperature heat sources in closets to control relative humidity.

C.  Cables shall be separated at least 8 inches from lighting fixtures, outlets and junction boxes, and 2 inches from ventilating openings and other such openings in room surfaces, or sufficient area shall be provided to assure that no heating cables will be covered by surface mounted lighting units.

D.  A separate manual disconnect shall be provided for each space heated.

E.  Thermostatic control shall be provided in each heated space, except that no individual thermostatic control shall switch any combination of heaters totaling more than 7 kilowatts.

F.  Thermostatic controls shall not be installed on cable until the wattage has been inspected by a Building Official and approval posted on the job.