27.19.053 Electric Floor Furnaces.

City Code Section
  1. For self‑contained heating units in the form of electric floor furnaces which are intended to heat spaces other than the room or space in which the device is located, the following requirements shall apply:
  2. A.  The distance between the heater outlet and the center of any space to be heated by it, shall not exceed 18 feet (20 feet for kitchens) measured through the center of the intervening openings;
  3. B.  There shall not be more than one doorway and one archway between the heater outlet and any space or room to be heated by it;
  4. C.  A return inlet shall not be located in the bathroom, in a space used for storage purposes or in any other confined space;
  5. D.  A separate manual disconnect shall be provided for each heating device;
  6. E.  Thermostatic control shall be provided within the heated space, except that no thermostatic control shall switch any combination of heater elements totaling more than 7 kilowatts simultaneously;
  7. F.  Heating units of any type located in halls where openings are provided with doors, or in other limited areas which may confine the heat output of the device, shall be provided with thermostatic control or other air temperature limiting device, located within a hall or other limited area, to control the air temperature of the hall or other limited area in which the heating unit is located.
    (This may be a thermostat located in the hall or other limited area containing the heating device, arranged to operate in series with other thermostatic controls located elsewhere.)
  8. G.  An unobstructed passageway, not less than 2 feet in width, shall be provided on at least one side of a flat register type floor furnace, to permit passage without stepping over or on the register.
  9. H.  Flat register floor furnaces shall not be placed closer than 6 inches to any wall.  Wall register floor furnaces shall not be placed closer than 6 inches to a wall corner.  Floor furnaces shall be placed so that a door in the open position, or draperies and similar combustible materials, cannot be closer than 12 inches to the register.