27.03.050 Inspection.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 187432, effective December 4, 2015.)  All equipment for which a permit is obtained under this Title shall be inspected by the Director.  No portion of any equipment intended to be concealed by any permanent portion of the building shall be concealed until inspected and approved.  When the installation of any equipment is complete, a second or final inspection shall be made.  Equipment regulated by this Title shall not be connected to the fuel or power supply until authorized by the Director.
EXCEPTION: The requirements of this Section shall not be considered to prohibit the operation of any heating equipment installed to replace existing heating equipment serving an occupied portion of a building, in the event a request for inspection of such heating equipment has been filed with the Bureau not more than 48 hours after such replacement work is completed, and before any portion of such equipment is concealed by any permanent portion of the building.  A final inspection approval may, upon notice, be revoked by the Director if the heating, ventilating, comfort cooling, or refrigeration equipment fails in any respect to comply with the requirements of this Title, or if the installation is unsafe, dangerous, or a hazard to life or property.