27.03.040 Heating and Ventilating Fees.

City Code Section

(Replaced by Ordinance No. 174902, effective September 13, 2000.) 

A.  All required fees are stated in the Fee Schedule adopted by City Council.  Fees will be updated annually or on an as needed basis.  The approved Fee Schedule will be available at the Development Services Center.

B.  Permit and plan check fees will, as a general rule, be refunded when the services covered by the fee have not commenced, and the permit or plan review fees were paid incorrectly due to an error on the part of the City.  When a permit applicant requests a refund, but the City was not at fault in accepting payment, fees shall be retained to cover the cost of plan review or inspections actually performed and 20 percent of the amount remaining.  State surcharge fees are only refundable when a permit was issued in error.  Requests for refunds must be made within six months of payment or permit issuance, whichever is later.  Refunds are to be made to the same person or firm who paid the fee within three months of the request.  Exceptions to the above requirements may be made by the Director or designee.