27.03.020 Permits.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance. Nos. 150873, 176955 and 187432, effective December 4, 2015.)

A.  Permit Application.  To obtain a permit, the applicant shall file an application on forms furnished for that purpose.  The application shall contain all information necessary to the lawful enforcement of the provisions of this Title.  All applications for permits shall be signed by the owner of the property, by the contractor engaged to do the work, or by an authorized representative of such owner or contractor.  Electric Heating Applications.  The applicant for a permit to install an electrical heating system shall furnish on the application, information covering the following:

1.  The total area of the dwelling or apartment;

2.  The ceiling height and area of each room, or space regarded as living quarters;

3.  The location, as to what floor each room or space is located;

4.  The net areas each of exposed walls and exposed openings in each room or space regarded as living quarters;

5.  The type and amount of insulation used;

6.  The U factors for ceilings, floors, exposed walls, partitions, windows, and doors;

7.  The amount of wattage required to offset the heat loss for each room as required by Section 27.05.021 of this Title;

8.  The total heating requirements for the dwelling.

B.  Plans and Specifications.  When required by the Director for the enforcement of any provisions of this Title for the installation of comfort heating systems, comfort cooling systems, absorption systems, ventilation systems, hoods, and any installation within construction required to be fire resistive or of 1 hour construction, three sets of plans or specifications shall accompany the permit application and be approved before the issuance of the permit.  After approval, one set of plans shall be retained by the Director, one set on permanent file with the Bureau of Development Services and the other set shall be returned to the applicant, which set shall be kept on such building or work site at all times during which the work authorized is in progress.  When the plans and specifications do not comply with provisions of this Title, the necessary changes or revisions shall be made thereto.  Every plan shall be a print or other type of plan approved by the Director.  The information contained on the plans shall be clearly legible and specifically indicated.  No plan shall be of a scale smaller than 1/8 inch per foot.  Specifications, legibly and definitely stated, shall be included either on the plan or on separate sheets.  The approval of any plans or specifications shall not be construed to sanction any violation of this Title.  No person shall deviate materially from any approved plans or specifications or fail, neglect, or refuse to comply therewith unless permission to do so has been obtained from the Director.  The plans or specifications shall show the following:

1.  Layout for each floor with dimensions of all working spaces and a legend of all symbols used.

2.  Location, size, and material of all piping.

3.  Location, size, and materials of all air ducts, air inlets, and air outlets.

4.  Location of all fans, warm air furnaces, boilers, absorption units, refrigerant compressors and condensers and the weight of all pieces of such equipment weighing 200 pounds or more.

5.  Rated capacity or horsepower of all boilers, warm air furnaces, heat exchangers, blower fans, refrigerant compressors and absorption units.

6.  Location, size, and material of all combustion products, vents, and chimneys.

7.  Location and area of all ventilation and combustion air openings and ducts.

8.  Location of all air dampers and fire shutters.

9.  First sheet of each set of plans and specifications shall show the address of the proposed work and the name and address of the owner or lessee of the premises.

10.  Plans and specifications shall be of sufficient clarity to show that the proposed installation will conform to the provisions of this Title and of all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, and orders.

C.  Issuance.  When the Director determines that the information on the application is in conformance with this Title, a permit will be issued upon receipt of the total fees.